Verified Commit 9909176f authored by Loïc Dachary's avatar Loïc Dachary
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set a meaningful description

parent ef7b4727
......@@ -58,9 +58,9 @@ paginate = 10
viewMorePostLink = "/blog/"
author = "DevCows"
defaultKeywords = ["devows", "hugo", "go"]
defaultDescription = "Site template made by devcows using hugo"
author = "forgefriends"
defaultKeywords = ["forge", "federation", "forgefriends"]
defaultDescription = "forgefriends. forges united. coders befriend."
# Google Maps API key (if not set will default to not passing a key.)
# googleMapsApiKey = "AIzaSyCFhtWLJcE30xOAjcbSFi-0fnoVmQZPb1Y"
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