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    Kd/ci playwright go test (#20123) · c8ded776
    Kyle D authored
    * Add initial playwright config
    * Simplify Makefile
    * Simplify Makefile
    * Use correct config files
    * Update playwright settings
    * Fix package-lock file
    * Don't use test logger for e2e tests
    * fix frontend lint
    * Allow passing TEST_LOGGER variable
    * Init postgres database
    * use standard gitea env variables
    * Update playwright
    * update drone
    * Move empty env var to commands
    * Cleanup
    * Move integrations to subfolder
    * tests integrations to tests integraton
    * Run e2e tests with go test
    * Fix linting
    * install CI deps
    * Add files to ESlint
    * Fix drone typo
    * Don't log to console in CI
    * Use go test http server
    * Add build step before tests
    * Move shared init function to common package
    * fix drone
    * Clean up tests
    * Fix linting
    * Better mocking for page + version string
    * Cleanup test generation
    * Remove dependency on gitea binary
    * Fix linting
    * add initial support for running s...
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